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The Mandela Effect: An essay on Alternate Realities and Quantum Theory

By Dr. Romy Shiller

    I don’t know how to start this because it is so bizarre even I couldn’t believe it. Someone  told me that a call button changed colours.  I believed her and told her that I did one week later. She was worried that I thought she was crazy. I confessed my own alternates and she told me that  this had a name, ‘The Mandela Effect’ and I was far from alone.


    Nelson Mandela was the South African President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999. Mandela served 27 years in prison and was released him 1990. According to Wikipedia, Mandela died on 5 December 2013. Many people do not agree.


    Named after the famous Nelson Mandela this theory is when a large group of people remember something being a certain way, but when people go back and look at it, it has changed or is gone in this universe with no reasoning other than "it's always been like that."


     ‘According to quantum theory enthusiasts, the Mandela effect presents evidence that parallel universes do exist.’ I have a Ph.D. but not in science. My research on this subject is critical because I am influenced by critical thought. I also happen to be very open minded. I wrote a book on Reincarnation. With a basic understanding of Quantum Theory I connected Reincarnation and Quantum Physics.  My  Facebook page ‘Again’ continues that exploration. With my new interest in The Mandela Effect, I researched Parallel Universes in Quantum Theory and learned a lot.


    I believe that we phase in and out of many realities frequently. ‘In 1957, a Princeton physics graduate student named Hugh Everett showed that the consistency of quantum mechanics required the existence of an infinity of universes parallel to our universe. That is, there has to be a person identical to you reading this identical article right now in a universe identical to ours. Further, there have to be an infinite number of universes, and thus an infinite number of people identical to you in them... Most physicists, at least most physicists who apply quantum mechanics to cosmology, accept Everett’s argument. So obvious is Everett’s proof for the existence of these parallel universes, that Steve Hawking once told me that he considered the existence of these parallel universes “trivially true.”


    Particles are so small in Quantum Theory. We are made up of these particles. If our particles shifted, we would not notice their shift. Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle resonates with my belief. This principle tells us that we cannot know both the momentum and the position of a particle at a particular time instant with 100% certainty.


    Bill Poirier, a Texas Tech University professor of chemistry and biochemistry said that ‘quantum mechanics is a strange realm of reality. Particles at this atomic and subatomic level can appear to be in two places at once.’

    I can understand an attachment to the here and now. It is the difference between classical and quantum physics; ‘Poirier explained that in the classical physical world where humans operate, everything is in a definite state with respect to velocity and position. Think airplanes and apples falling out of trees. We can calculate where those things are and where they're going.

    In quantum mechanics, scientists have to give that up. They can know where particles are or where they're going. Not both. The classical trajectory, with its well-defined particle attributes, has been replaced with the quantum probability wave that spreads out across many simultaneous possibilities.’

    In my opinion, The Mandela Effect is proof of our shifts. Certain examples of the Mandela Effect really caught my eye so see what you remember:

    -       Rich Uncle Pennybags, AKA the Monopoly man, has never worn a monocle. In my memory he wears one.

    - Jiffy peanut butter doesn’t exist. It is called Jif. I remember Jiffy.

    -       "We Are The Champions" does NOT end with "of the world."  I am a fan of the band Queen and remember this.

    -       There was no movie called Shazaam starring Sinbad. Now, this never affected me but so many people remember the movie that I was overwhelmed. Sinbad denies ever having made it and created a parody of Shazaam on Youtube.

    If you want more examples they are here .

    I was very worried that this work would be used by abusers who really never take responsibility for their behavior. I will always believe a victim. In our reality they are frequently not believed in any case. I was told never to compromise my work by tip-toeing around a potential abuser. To use The Mandela Effect as proof of anything by an abuser is typical.

    In July 2012, scientists at CERN's Large Hadron discovered the Higgs boson. Some thought that the Higgs could destroy the universe. Some think it did. I remember watching a video where one physicist gave examples of how our universe has changed since the collision of particles led to the discovery. I honestly do not think that the discovery at CERN was the only time this happened.


    I think that we know very little.  I often use the analogy of a fish in a fishbowl. What does the fish know about our reality? We are like the fish in this example. We can try to describe what’s out there. TRY.

     A coat of mine that was pink is now blue. A woman I did my undergraduate degree with says that she also did graduate school with me and was in a play with me. My memories of the play and graduate school do not include her at all. On Facebook, I even asked her why I don’t remember her being there? She is apparently best friends with someone I knew well. He confirmed this by posting about her on Facebook. I was sure that I was losing my mind. I was relieved to know that science backs me up. I do feel that we can know things outside of science but in this case, for me, there was validation. Science was an elegant description.


    I woke up one morning thinking about how we stick to a reality. We observe or detect something in that reality and collapse the wave function:

    ‘In 1803, Thomas Young sent a beam of light through an opaque plate with two slits in it. Instead of seeing the expected two lines on the viewing screen, he saw several lines, as if two waves of light from the two slits had been interfering (overlapping) with each other. It was the beginning of quantum physics. Over the 20th and 21st centuries, it has been proven that not only light, but also individual elementary particles and even some molecules behave as waves – as if they were going through both slits at the same time. However, if you place a sensor at the slits that observes what exactly happens to the particle at that point, and which slit it finally ends up going through, then only two lines will appear on the projection screen, as if the fact of observation (indirect influence) collapses the wave function and the experiment subject behaves as a particle.’

    My feeling is that we could  ‘stick’ for seconds, minutes, years etc. Time does not matter.

    So weird. So cool.


    © 2019 by Romy  Shiller. All rights reserved.

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