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Romy Shiller is considered a medical mystery. In 2003 she had a brain tumour removed and went into a five-month coma. Afterward, she had akinetic mutism and did not speak until March 2004. She is currently disabled.

Romy Shiller was the Communications Director for Max the Mutt Animation School. She wrote articles for various magazines including FAB and Canadian Theatre Review.


As of April 15, 2024, Shiller's 1999 Ph.D. thesis has been downloaded from the National Library of Canada over 15,000 times. Since December 2023 it has been downloaded over 800 times from all over the world.

Her first book 'You Never Know: A Memoir' not only tells the story of her brain surgery, lengthy coma, and Akinetic Mutism but she muses about reality, death, time, popular culture, psychic phenomena, and dreams.

Her other book is 'Again.' It combines an academic exploration of reincarnation with real-life experiences. Using as a basis the altered reality of quantum physics, Shiller extrapolates. It is for everyone. More than anything it is an insightful philosophy of life.

A third book is 'Who Knew?' It continues Romy's book ‘You Never Know: A Memoir.' This is less of a sequel because of her ongoing recovery and more of a continuation.

Shiller's 2018 play is Le Wow: A Play in One Act.

Romy recently wrote an article about the pandemic for the Quebec Writers Federation. It is now in an anthology called 'Chronicling the Days: Dispatches from a Pandemic'.

An article of hers on the television show 'Queer as Folk' is used to teach a University course on Communications. A response article was generated in the San Francisco Chronicle. A separate article about the Toronto Drag Kings was taught at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta. It has been chosen to be included in several books.

She is in Third Wave Feminism and Television. Romy Shiller is a 3rd Wave Feminist according to the book. An entire chapter is devoted to her article on 'Queer as Folk.

Romy Shiller has been on the same course syllabus as Simone de Beauvoir.

Most of her articles can be read here.


Romy Shiller holds a Ph.D. in Drama from the Graduate Centre for Study of Drama, the University of Toronto where she wrote a doctoral dissertation entitled 'A Critical Exploration of Cross-Dressing and Drag in Gender Performance and Camp in Contemporary North American Drama and Film.'

In addition to having a Ph.D. from the University of Toronto, she has a Master's degree in Drama from there as well. Her Bachelor of Arts degree is from McGill University where she studied English. She went to Vanier College for her CEGEP and attended Mount Royal High School for her secondary studies.

Romy Shiller studied voice at the Royal Conservatory in Toronto, Canada with William Perry and with a private coach in Montreal, Carmen Mehta, from the age of 13 to 21.

Romy Shiller attended Berkshire Center for the Performing Arts (USA) and The Hampton Playhouse (USA) where she studied Musical Theatre. She went to The Ashton Dance Academy for Ballet (Montreal) and The Dance Factory for Jazz Dance and Modern Dance (Montreal).

Media Appearances and Performances

Romy Shiller was in a television series on YTV/CORUS Entertainment, called 'System Crash.'

In 1997, Romy Shiller appeared in the film, 'An Innocent Kiss,' directed by Tina Hahn under Cottage Creative Productions. She also played the role of Wendy in Chris Philpott's 'The Eternal Husband.'  In the play, 'Kyotopolis' by Daniel David Moses, she played Barbara Buck/Jo/Beaver Puppet at The Robert Gill Theatre in Toronto under the direction of Colin Taylor.

She would often substitute for Host/Arts Critic Melinda Best on Café Express, CHIN 101.3 FM.

Romy Shiller was a Special Guest with The Bitch Diva at Pimbletts. She performed with the bands Mystic Muse and Forever Changing.

As performance research, Romy Shiller was in The Greater Toronto Drag King Society where she played Marie Osmond, Lola from the song Copacabana and Slash from the musical group Guns N’ Roses.

Romy Shiller was on the CBC News with her book 'You Never Know: A Memoir'.

Romy Shiller is in an issue (Fall '08) of U of T Magazine.  (MA 1992, PH.D. 1999)

Romy Shiller is in Lipstik Indie as the "feature artist" for You Never Know: A Memoir and appears there for her book 'Again'.

Romy Shiller is in an issue of The Canadian Jewish News. Romy is reviewed for 'You Never Know: A Memoir

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