What we can learn from plants

Updated: May 21, 2020

To me, plants are natural inspiration. I love my plants and they are kind of magical in that one flowers when it's not supposed to and another has a plethora of flowers - it should have only one. My plants last a very long time. People say I have a green-thumb. It is more than that but I don't say anything.

Patience is key. In the pandemic we must slow down in a culture that has traditionally valued the past. For example, fast-food. We need to nurture our spirits like we water plants or talk to them. I take a bath in the morning [it's a great way to start the day!]. I add essential oil [but you can add anything] and I bring in a coffee. Now that most of us work from home we have time. If you go to work or the kids wake you up, you might want to get up earlier. Groan-esque but worth it!

My Monster Jade Plant

My Peace Lily

#lifelessons #growing #plants

I love trees: this is a Tule tree, in Oaxaca Mexico and

is 2000 years old 🌳

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