Medical Botox or Worth it.

Updated: May 22, 2020

Medical Botox for me involves about 9 needles/injections into my forearm to loosen my hand, fingers, and thumb. I get 5 needles in my chin so that my lower lip does not hit my teeth making it hard to talk and eat. I get 2 needles in my upper lip to prevent the pulling of my lip due to increased tone on the right side of my face. I usually do this every 3 months but because Covid has been so awful in Montreal I pushed it 1 month. I had a physiotherapist once ask me if I cried during this procedure. I don’t. It doesn’t tickle but I can manage it – it’s worth it.

The neurologist who performs the procedure and I were joking, a while ago, about traditional Botox and she said, ‘you will have a very young looking arm’. Ha! Even injections can be funny. Who knew? Also, I was looking forward to this good excuse for an outing. I’ve been isolated since March and haven’t seen the world since then. Today, hardly anyone wore a mask or socially distanced. Crap!

My mother drives me. It was odd to see her initially because she was covered up by a mask and I couldn’t hug her. I haven’t seen her in person since February [we Skype - not the same]. She waited for me to finish in the car. She has to limit her exposure to others because of her age. After my procedure, she was more calm and we had a usual interaction.

My caregiver, Maria, came with me. She helped me get in and out of the car, and joined me for the procedure. She, as always, makes me feel safe even though she’s putting herself at risk by accompanying me.

If I had to pay for the procedure or Botox - so pricey. As a Canadian I. DO. NOT. PAY. A. CENT.

I am blessed.

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